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Packaging & Branding

Packaging That Sends A Message

Your packaging must be an experience for your customer that touches their emotings during the "un-boxing". 


We offer top of the line product labels printed on great stock with a nice laminate finish layer on top. These are a custom print job to your required dimensions, but because they have more then one stage in the process these types of projects are expected to take up to 2 weeks for the printing process. Including the proofing value check which gets approved before the full order is fulfilled, and shipping time, which is usually pretty quick but varies from time to time.

Customized Marketing & Prints

Anything you can think of we can get done for you. The design will be in house and the company we work with, DATA Group will handle all the print details. You will get more value for your money because the company we work with can literally do anything. We get you discounted rates and access to a big company that can scale with your business and take you to the global frontier. With our in-house photography, design, and development team providing the solutions to all the unanswered questions you and your business are facing in the current economic climate.

  • Logos
  • Signs
  • Clothing
  • Custom Packaging

And any marketing material you can think of.


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