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Web Applications

Extending Your Reach With Web Based App's

Native applications are the new buzz. But what is the total user usage % retained vs other system platforms? Sure you can invest into Android or iOS platforms and build a state of the art application solving problems for your company, diversing the revenue streams meanwhile scratching an itch for your clientele. But even if you choose Android or iOS, vice versa only you will always be missing close to half of the market potential from missing the other native platform.

Covering Your Bases

In sports, gambling, business, just life in general. The strategy should always be to cover your bases, all of them if possible. We suggest you not only build native applications for both Android and iOS systems. But for the Web aswell. Our team can develop fully functional native like code for a web based application that functions just like the native apps.

Web Accessibility

Providing a web application to your customer base gives your product/business the most accessibility of all. Not everyone will have an iOS or Android phone or may just not use apps in general. But everyone has access to the web. We build our websites and web apps responsive so they too work on mobile devices in a web browser. ECS Agency can solve all your business needs in house, there is no need to do business anywhere else:

  • Inventory
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media / Community
  • Accounting

Our team is also equipped to provide you with other marketing aspects, giving your company the wings it needs to do business the way you want.

  • Branding & Packaging
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Marketing Material
  • SEO / SMM / SEM
  • Photography
  • Content Development
  • Audio & Video Production
  • Content Management Systems
  • etc.

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