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Web Development

Web Development | Responsive Design, eCommerce, Custom CMS

Highly Custom, Easy to Edit, Secure Sites

Evolve offers completely custom, device optimized websites, equipped with our custom editor CMS plugin. Allowing you to make changes to your website with little to no effort. Learning how to use our plugin is like learning how to use Microsoft word. 

We also offer custom shopping carts or eCommerce solutions to our clients. With the ever blooming online sales we prefer to take a mobile first approach to our designs and enhance forward for laptop/desktop experiences. You want your clientele to be able to find and purchase what they want/need as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The web was originally built on a fluid based system, but with the mystery of where the web was going; we had no idea that we would all gain access to web content from a multitude of handheld devices/screens. Designers from the print world brought fixed dimensions and practices to the web, which for a long time - worked well because we only had a few different screens sizes to worry about. This quickly changed as the demand for a better design solution emerged.

Responsive Web Design (#RWD)

Instead of applying fixed pixel dimensions to element containers, designers began to use percentage based systems/grids. Business owners can now offer web presence affordably through one website that will adapt to its container, like liquid to a glass.

Making it much easier to maintain and publish content that is accessible on all platforms.

Performance Driven Development

When providing the same content to different devices it is important to optimize your website properly or else you may start losing traffic. No one wants to sit at a load screen for more than a couple seconds…

It is becoming a general practice to include a performance budget for the project from the beginning. Allowing the team to properly plan and implement the design with page speed performance in mind.

Progressive Enhancement

Start from the bottom and enhance from there. Platforms with the biggest constraints are mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and notebooks (small laptops). These constraints are not just the screen sizes and hardware but also the users internet connection and signal strength.

We also must take into consideration browser support for: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and more. What may work on one browser or device may not work on another. To design for this we have to provide fallback through graceful degradation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Start a search engine optimization campaign, boost organic traffic, and gain relevancy/online presence. Evolve Creative Solutions offers both onpage and offpage SEO tactics, boosting your SERP’s ranking (search engine results page rank). Strengthen your message and broaden the reach of your SEM (search engine marketing) through blogging, and microblogging with SMM (social media marketing).

Successful ongoing traffic and impressions on your website does not come easily. You need a strong online presence with dense keyword research, strong link building, and high quality content.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

We offer PPC (pay per click) advertising, this can be a good way to kickstart your business’s traffic through a variety of options provided by our Google partner programs and display ad networks, these methods are specifically targeted to keyowords and demographics relevant to your business. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The beauty of online advertsiment is reporting, the ability to find out details of where your traffic is coming, accurate demograpics, which device or operating systems they use and much more. Measuring precise statistics were not possible in past marketing mediums, understanding your web traffic will be instrumental in understanding which advertising tactics are working best for your business.


ECS Agency offers 3 tiers for hosting your next web project, competitively priced at annual or monthly rates.

Factors to consider when choosing a hosting package is:

  • How much disc space do you require?

  • Are you using email?

  • How much traffic are you expecting?

  • Where is your target audience browsing from?

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