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eCommerce & Online Sales

Simple to Dynamic eCommerce Solutions

The world of e-Commerce continues to grow.

Every year the amount of online users and purchasers grow. This is a generation change in habits of spending and how one does their shopping. Many of us are realizing the ease of use, and security being provided online.

Evolve offers to provide fully custom e-Commerce solutions with an onsite shopping cart, custom tailored content management system. All built on a responsive grid system and scaleable of every level including viewport, usability, functionality, and support.

Custom Cart, Custom Editor

Sometimes startup companies and small business owners cannot afford a fully customized e-Commerce shopping cart for their website needs and budget. In this case, we provide multiple solutions from backend e-Commerce CMS development on platforms like Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. Most of these options cost monthly or yearly fee, but provide you with a graphic user interface and CMS that can drive your online business presence.

Other viable options for another tier lower in budget for your project may be a PayPal or Stripe option. Where we would implement the PayPal or Stripe checkout system to your customly designed and developed website. These options are very secure and offer lower budget costs because they are big companies that take the risk of online transactions off your hands for a small fee.

The Cart That Keeps On Rollin'

Having a branded cart checkout system is strongly suggested when looking at moving your business to the online market. Humans quickly become irritated redirecting through pages, even though it may only add a few seconds to the process. With a well thought out cart system branded with your company logo and website theme can increase sale conversions.

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