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Digital marketing enables businesses to be visible to a vast audience of potential customers. It is a cost effective, measurable and efficient way of marketing.

In addition to often being cheaper than traditional marketing methods, it also allows you to home in on relevant customers. Moreover, it enables us to create brand loyalty and produce data-driven strategies and results.

Contemporary customers increasingly rely on digital avenues to source and engage with the services they require. As a result, it’s vital that businesses are active online and utilize strategic plans to market their services effectively.

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A Strategy for Success.

Modern day digital marketing strategies must incorporate a vast array of factors. There’s creative, customer journey, SEO, social media and so much more to consider. As a result, devising a plan that incorporates all these channels can seem daunting and expensive.

Fortunately, at ECS Agency, we’re able to offer a one shop service that can develop a marketing strategy. It covers all relevant elements and communications required.     

Our strategy team ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to producing a digital marketing plan. Using our vast experience and insight, we’re able to construct a comprehensive strategy. This includes effective marketing solutions and produces measurable results. 


Compare and Conquer.

Conducting an analysis of your competitors is a crucial part of determining what direction you need to take your digital marketing strategy in. By effectively evaluating similar businesses, you can establish what makes you unique. We can create solutions to any weaknesses in your service.

We’re able to provide a detailed assessment of your competition in relation to your business. This includes factors such as profitability, growth, customer perception, objectives and organizational structure. As a result, we offer insight that helps you understand the market and maximize opportunities for growth.

Concise Customer Analysis.

Buyer’s persona is a depiction of your target customer. By establishing and defining who your audience is, you’re then able to strategize how best to reach and engage them. Similarly, analyzing the process customers go through enables you to adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

We utilize data, research tools, and assessments to determine who your audience is. Then, we map out the way the interact with your business. Consequently, we help you understand what effects purchasing decisions and devise ways to meet customer needs. This includes improving targeting accuracy and using behavioral traits to plan future marketing campaigns.    

Social Media Success, Made Simple

Social media provides a number of platforms to solidify your brand identity and increase customer engagement. It allows you to target your messaging directly to a relevant audience. Moreover, it generates brand loyalty and provides inexpensive growth opportunities. 

We can manage your online presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our experts ensure you’re producing relevant content that reaches the right people. On top of this, we have the tools to analyze how effective your social media marketing is. Then, develop strategies to increase your engagement and improve your reach.

Creative Content You Can’t Ignore.

At ECS Agency we have the full spectrum of in-house capabilities to produce whatever content you require. Ultimately, we create innovative content relevant to your business and market it effectively. Most importantly, without the financial costs of outsourcing, there’s no compromise on quality.

Copywriting, video, illustration, photography and more. We can provide a strategic approach that turns creative ideas into valuable marketing tools. Alongside our channel specialists, we can help drive engagement with stories worth being told.

Developing Strategies and Dissecting Data.

So many factors influencing what makes a successful digital marketing campaign. Therefore, your business is likely to need some help developing and implementing an actionable strategy.

At ECS Agency, we have the expertise, and resource to provide advice on how best to achieve your marketing objectives. From establishing realistic KPIs, to suggesting innovative ways to drive growth, we have invaluable knowledge to share.

We can also guide your organization in how to make use of information and data available to you. By translating the analytics within your business, we can improve your processes and outcomes to make your overall marketing strategy more effective.        

Efficient Messages in Your Customer’s Mailboxes.

Email marketing remains a vital channel for marketing your services. It is an almost universal platform in contemporary society. Subsequently, it provides a cost-effective and valuable way to reach your audience.      

At ECS Agency, we can help devise strategies and campaigns that engage your customers and establish a long-term relationship. This includes creating new campaigns, deploying promotional advertising, or simply maintaining ongoing communication with your audience. On top of this, we deliver results-based analysis. This helps you understand how your customers engage with the messages they receive.

As a result, your email marketing strategy can be effective in generating growth and retaining loyalty, whilst staying clear from the junk folder.    

Read All About It

Print marketing has proven particularly powerful alongside digital marketing. The value of direct mail is arguably more effective than ever. Print marketing leaves a physical impression on audiences. As a result, it can make your campaigns memorable and meaningful.

We create engaging and innovative print marketing with a clear call to action, improving your ROI. In addition to this, our data-driven targeting capabilities ensure that your campaigns reach the right people, at the right time. From development to delivery, our complete print marketing service will enable your business to be seen and your message retained.  

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