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Why do you need custom software?

In the contemporary world, no successful business model is complete without a digital strategy. In other words, the future of businesses are online platforms and mobile apps. Having a well-built platform can return a huge increase in your revenue and create greater engagement with your clients. 

Software development goes beyond just a website or a mobile app. If you are asking why you need it, think about all the different kinds of issues that your business often faces. In most situations, you need customized solutions. Custom software development covers the process of creating, deploying and maintaining the software specific to your company’s challenges. Therefore, here at ECS Agency, we offer standard and custom software solutions and strategies for your business. Our great developers architect software that can solve your problems and meet your needs.

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Modern iOS Apps and Software

Apple uses Swift as a programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and more. Swift is a very powerful programming language and is a valuable time and money saver. Moreover, it eliminates safety issues and runs fast and smoothly. 

Our developer team develops iOS applications in line with Apple’s UI requirements. We create custom iOS apps that consider your objectives and specific needs. Furthermore, our team focuses on native code, because this has a better leverage for all Apple devices. Additionally, we provide maintenance and updates for your iOS application to make sure that everything runs properly.

Android App Solutions

According to data from 2016, 86.2% of smartphone sales are Android. Even though the official language of Android development is Java, it is possible to use different programming languages as well. That’s why it’s safe to say that Android is more universal, in comparison to iOS. 

Our team has great experience creating apps compatible with the platform. We develop custom Android apps with personalized solutions and choose the best programming language to fit your needs. Moreover, we provide maintenance services that ensure the app runs smoothly for you. 

Outsource Your Development Team

Do you need a dedicated development team or support for your company’s development projects? We can help you assemble your team by outsourcing PHD and Masters level engineers from Mexico. By having ECS Agency manage your outsourced team, you don’t have to worry about different time zones and unresponsive developers. In order to prevent any communication loss in between, we will be the one who responds to you. If you want to expand your development budget, let us manage your outsourced team. We provide peace of mind for your web and software operations.

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