Why do you need a website?

Technology is an integral part of our lives and most businesses are now dependent on it. We live in a digital world and the internet is not going anywhere anytime soon. As a result, solely doing business in more traditional ways is likely to see you being left behind by your competition.

Did you know that 93% of purchasing decisions start with an internet search? That’s why having a website is crucial for your business. Our job is to make sure that you have a professional, attractive and well-functioning website. 

Every business has different needs and priorities. What you want from your website today could well be different in a years’ time. At ECS Agency, we are aware of the need to continuously evolve and therefore we build websites specifically designed for your business.

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What is CMS and Why Do You Need CMS Integration?

CMS is an abbreviation of Content Management System. It is basically an application which provides you a user-friendly interface to build and manage websites, without having to code. Because many websites were built before content management systems became popular, it is very difficult and time consuming to update such websites. For every single change required, you would have to contact the developer. Subsequently, this is a costly and incredibly slow way of updating a website.

With CMS integration, we take your current website and incorporate it within a more user-friendly system. This will save costs and time spent managing web content, adding new products, updating services, and increasing search engine visibility.

Business Website Solutions

The purpose of a business website is to introduce your products, services and company values clearly. A good business website should give the right message to its audience. Here at ECS Agency, we design and develop business websites to enable our clients to succeed. We have over a decade of experience, which means that we know how to build websites that work well. Our clients’ websites are mobile friendly, with responsive designs. Considering approximately 70% of internet searches are made on mobile devices, having a mobile friendly website must be one of the first priorities for businesses. We provide you the professional services that you and subsequently your customers, are looking for. 

E-commerce Web Solutions

Building a good e-commerce website requires several elements that work together in harmony. There are many websites out there that look attractive but fail to convert. Your website must show the benefits of your products and reach the right audience. In order to do that, you need reliable e-commerce features and functions. Moreover, you need to analyze your potential clients, promote your products and attract search engines. We develop WooCommerce and custom build e-commerce websites with SEO enriched content and user-friendly designs. However, we don’t just build websites. In addition, we help you to construct and manage a digital strategy and provide branding ideas. Tell us about your business and our development and marketing team will get your store online.

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