The Power of Video

Video camera recording dusk on the beach

The ways in which we tell stories has continuously changed over time. In today’s screen-centric world video content is proving the most engaging way to successfully pass on your message.

With modern technological giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and TikTok centered around video content. No wonder that so many marketing businesses are turning to the medium in order to increase their digital presence.

Why is video content so effective?

1. Promotes human connections

In a time where face-to-face communication is virtually non-existent, video has provided a way for social interaction.

Thanks to Zoom and Skype, we’ve all been forced to become a little more confident in front of a camera. Although those calls may be wearing thin by now, creative ways to provide human engagement online has been taken to new heights.

Videos can be a great way to highlight your brands identity. Either by showcasing the human personalities behind your services, or allowing you to convey the tone or style of your work.

Ultimately, personal experiences are what really influences customer loyalty and buying habits. Moreover, video allows for a more complete representation of a range of human expressions and emotions.

2. Provides limitless opportunity for creativity

You’ve only got to take one look at the increasingly niche genres Netflix are using in an attempt to categorize viewing habits. This is very important to understand just how versatile video and film can be.

From a digital marketing perspective, the only boundary really is your imagination. Video content is an easily digestible form of media. It is capable of being suitable for a range of moods. Furthermore, it is now accessible throughout the day on a range of devices. Even seemingly random-at-first, storylines or characters can effectively link your business to your audience.

There are so many channels available to promote your video. Campaigns can also be adaptable in style and time length in order to work across multiple platforms.

How you choose to captivate your audience can also vary. Low-cost videos are arguably just as capable of taking the digital world by storm as big-budget blockbuster advertisements. 

3. It’s expected by today’s audience

Video content is now simply something that Gen Z and Millennial audiences expect from any business.

Online learning, shopping and socializing is completely natural for the next generation of consumers. Therefore, video content can play a huge part in influencing their habits. As a result, video is becoming an increasingly important way to keep in touch with or out your competition.

Even if your current core audience aren’t digitally focused (and chances are they are too), your future audience will be. Therefore, if you’re not utilizing video now you risk falling behind going forward.

4. Perfect for social media engagement

“Take a look at that video I’ve tagged you in” is a token of modern affection and essentially free PR to spread your message.

Sharing is caring, and Likes, Subscriptions, Click-Throughs and Shares. All contributes to the growth of your organization. Moreover, they enhance your online-presence – as well as providing a potential extra source of revenue.

However, a video doesn’t even have to go viral to be worthwhile. Videos are vital for SEO as search engines value them as high-quality content. Therefore, including appropriately optimized video content on your site can work wonders for your ranking.   

5. Produces data-driven results

When assessing how useful tool a video can be as part of your overall online strategy, the results speak for themselves.

YouTube alone has over 2 billion monthly logged in users (YouTube Press). However, videos on social media in general are 1200% more likely to be shared than text and images combined. Furthermore, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster (WordStream).

Clearly, the sheer volume of online users accessing videos means that it is a medium that cannot be ignored. Moreover, it has an ability to captivate audiences and be shared across so many channels. This makes it a key weapon in your digital marketing arsenal.

Video killed the radio star back in the 1980s. In the 2020s it looks increasingly capable of leaving behind any businesses that choose not to embrace it as part of their digital marketing strategy.